Tennessee Wheel & Tire 22" Townasty 6 wheel package
Only $5,700.00


We offer several styles of accessories for your wheels and ride. These range from simple moon caps up to the "shock value" of the Spike lug covers.
All Cap/Lug kits have FREE Shipping inside the Continental US.

Smooth Caps with Regular Lug Covers $200/set FREE SHIPPING!

Smooth Caps with Long Hex Lug Cover $200/set FREE SHIPPING!

Smooth Caps with Spike Lug Covers $200/set FREE SHIPPING!

ABS Plastic Center Cap set Front/Rear $225/set FREE SHIPPING!

ABS Plastic Spike Center Cap set Front/Rear $225/set FREE SHIPPING!

Alcoa Hug-A-Lug Front and Rear Center Cap kit with Lug covers $450/Set FREE SHIPPING inside the Continental US!

All of our Cap and Lug kits include 2 (two) front center caps, 2 (two) rear center caps that are three-piece for easy lug access (see picture below), and 40 lug covers of your choice. The prices above include ground shipping if purchased with a set of Tennessee Wheel & Tire wheels. FREE SHIPPING on cap order in the Continental US.

Rear Three-Piece Center Cap Only -- $55 each

Long Hex style Push-on Lugnut Cover -- $2 each

Spike Screw-on style Lugnut Cover --$2 each

Oversized Hex Lug Cover --$2 each

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